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DRMP is a Community Partner

DRMP’s commitment to being a good community partner is two-fold.  In performing our services, we understand it is our responsibility to ensure sustainability is incorporated into our projects.  The second step of our commitment is to enhance the quality of life in those communities in which we serve through donations, volunteering and participation in community organizations. To make our community involvement really count, DRMP has launched a new initiative, DRMP Cares – Give. Hope. Smile. This initiative provides us the opportunity to make a greater impact by serving one in-need organization that focuses its efforts on education, health and well-being. 

DRMP Cares Community Involvement


Our community partner is the Central Florida Children’s Home whose mission mirrors DRMP’s. This special home, which relies solely on donations and volunteers, without hesitation takes in children (toddlers to teenagers) whose parents are unable to care for them and provides a safe and caring environment in the hopes that one day the family can be reunited. DRMP has had the honor of working with this organization to give, share hope and create smiles.  For more information or to get involved with the Children’s Home, visit cfchildrenshome.org.

Here are some of the great things we have been a part of so far:

  • School Supply and Lunch Drive – Working in teams, DRMP staff was able to provide each child at the Home with a backpack full of school supplies and a lunchbox to fill every day with the food items collected for the Home’s pantry. 
  • Food Pantry Drive – Employees donated food items and money to fill the Home’s pantry.
  • Christmas Angel Tree – DRMP staff chose Angel Tags each representing a child’s wish for Christmas and got a chance to play Santa for the children at the Home.

Another important aspect of our community involvement is the mentoring of students.  Whether we are judging science fairs or having kids act an Engineer for the Day, we feel it is our responsibility and privilege to enlighten the future generations of engineers, surveyors, planners and scientists.

DRMP’s community involvement outreach is adopted by all of our satellite offices and many focus their support in their local areas.

  • Our Boca Raton Office staff are involved with Boca Helping Hands, which centers on providing a food bank, community resources and job mentoring for those in need.
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