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What inspired you to choose your career path?
I went into engineering because I was weaker in math than in language arts so I figured I needed to work on that skill to improve myself. I graduated from UCF with a degree in mechanical engineering in 1991. This was an unfortunate time to be entering the engineering job market in central Florida due to an economic slump. My wife was pregnant with our first child when I graduated and I was desperate for a job, so when I saw an Engineer II position advertised for the FDOT Materials Office I drove up to DeLand to hand-deliver a resume and application. I was subsequently hired as a Tech IV, I started calling myself a civil engineer, and the rest is history.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
The biggest pleasure I get from my job is getting to work with great people every day. The transportation industry is full of good, hard-working, honest people. This includes our clients at the FDOT, cities and counties, our consultant industry partners and particularly my colleagues at DRMP. It is fun to go to work when you get to spend time with friends that inspire you and make you laugh.

What are you most passionate about?
I am passionate about developing and maintaining the highest level of integrity for both DRMP’s and the engineering consultant industry’s service to our clients and the public.

What is your greatest challenge?
My biggest challenge is trying to keep my mouth shut long enough to learn something. Many who know me are amazed that I know anything. I have to work hard at being a better listener and hope that one day I can learn to be good at it.

Name an important “lessons learned” moment you have experienced.
On the same topic of learning to listen, a number of years ago one of our principals and I were in a routine marketing meeting with a high ranking FDOT District Executive. I was anxious to have an opportunity to share with him the great things DRMP was doing to build our services, our staff and our offices in his district. We sat at his table and spent the whole hour-long meeting listening to the FDOT Executive talk. Neither I nor our Principal said more than about 10 words during the whole conversation. As we walked back to the car, I expressed my frustration at not having had an opportunity to tell him the great things about DRMP. My colleague just smiled and said we did exactly what we came here to do; he (the FDOT Executive) clearly needed someone to listen to him and we listened, and by serving his immediate needs DRMP will be remembered fondly.




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