Carolyn Malphurs Employee Spotlight  


What inspired you to choose your career path?
I grew up loving the outdoors. I was always interested in the plants, animals, fish, bugs, you name it.  I was fortunate that my first choice university (University of Florida) had the only wildlife ecology program in the state.  This program gave me the educational courses necessary to pursue very specific certifications, including my Associate Wildlife Biologist certification and Airport Wildlife Hazard Biologist qualification.  In school I always wanted to work for the government, but friends and colleagues pointed me in the direction of consulting, and the rest is history. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Fundamentally, what I enjoy most about my job is being able to apply somewhat consistent, or re-occurring methods or concepts, to a wide variety of projects.  i.e. I like consistency and variability at the same time, so this job fits perfectly into these theoretically opposing ideas.  I also like the balance of being able to do field and office work.  Overall, I really enjoy the camaraderie that I share with my co-workers.  This has been a great group to be a part of.  I’ve also had a lot of fun participating in the DRMP team sports. 

What are you most passionate about?
I am passionate about the following motto: “Work hard and play hard.”  I like to do well and be successful in my job and career, but I also like to take advantage of the time I have outside of work.  I love the adventures that come with traveling and experiencing new things all over the world.  When it comes to the type of work I’m most passionate about, it would be pretty much anything that relates to wildlife issues.  That is my specialty and the type of work that I enjoy most.  PS I’m also passionate for the Florida Gators! 

What is your greatest challenge?
Saying “no.”  I generally, want to get involved in activities, groups, help with projects, etc. but sometimes agreeing to too many things can get overwhelming and I burn out.  As I’ve grown and become more aware of what I can handle in balancing my time and effort, saying “no” has become a little bit easier.  However, this is still a constant challenge for me. 

Name an important “lessons learned” moment you have experienced.
This year is my 4th year serving as a board member for the Central Florida Association of Environmental Professionals (CFAEP).  Due to the encouragement of a previous supervisor, I ran for a board position somewhat skeptical of what I was getting myself into.  Little did I know when I was elected how much being involved with the group would benefit me.  I would have never guessed how much it has helped me expand my horizons during the past four years.  Lessons Learned from this one event… Rise to the challenge, get involved, and make friends with and be respectful to everyone you meet, because you never know what the future will bring. 




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