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What inspired you to choose your career path?
Actually, the career chose me. What inspired me to choose this career path had a lot to do with the history in the career of surveying. As I grew into the profession I found it more and more interesting because of the historic significance of surveying. Land surveying is probably one of the oldest professions; it dates back to the Egyptians. I found it interesting especially when historical figures like George Washington and Abe Lincoln, and many of our founding fathers were surveyors. The historical field notes of the land that was surveyed in the early 1700s. The whole process of that and why they did it that way was very interesting to me. Surveyors back in the days were out in the wilderness and encountered many dangers. They were pioneers and explorers.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Other than the historical aspect, I like that we are the first ones to kick off projects as it relates to development.  It’s a great experience to survey woods and see it develop into a major roadway, bridge or even a theme park.  Such as the swampland I surveyed that eventually developed into Universal Studios in Orlando. I also helped pave the way on many of the major transportation facilities thought out Florida such as the SR 408 and SR 417 in Central Florida in the beginning of my career and most recently the First Coast Outer Beltway (FCOB) and the Starke Bypass projects in Northeast Florida.  I also enjoy that the Surveying profession keeps evolving with newer technologies, it keeps it interesting and we’re always learning.

What are you most passionate about?
I would have to say that I have a big passion for the great outdoors as I enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Along with being in a profession that is mainly conducted outdoors, I also enjoy the beach, camping, hiking and fishing.

Outdoor photography is another one of my passions. On most of my social media, there are scenic photos from various places I have traveled, which provides a means for sharing my experiences.

What is your greatest challenge?
As a Principal of DRMP, my concern is the welfare of our employees and the fiduciary responsibilities of the firm. I want to make sure we keep everyone employed, we develop our staff to help them grow in their career as I did with mine.  I want to ensure we do the best for our clients, but also our employees because that’s one way for us to be successful as a firm, knowing we have employees that are also passionate about their job and care about their job.  We have a cohesive team, we’re going to be successful and our clients are going to benefit from it.

Name an important “lessons learned” moment you have experienced.
Never get overly comfortable in your positon, whether it’s an entry level or a management position. Always strive to do better, learn more and pay attention to technology as it’s ever changing. Never feel like you’re the best at anything as you could come complainant. Being at the top gives you only one direction to go and that’s down. Take the attitude that there’s always room to improve.



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