Potable Water Distribution System GIS Database and Water GEMS Model
City of Maitland

In 1988, Dyer, Riddle, Mills and Precourt (DRMP) conducted a comprehensive study and evaluation of the potable water system for the City of Maitland, Florida.  A final report of this study was submitted to the City in May 1989.  As a result of this report, many improvements and modifications to the physical systems and operational protocols of the water system were made by the City.  An update to the 1988 report was produced in 1992 and contained a capital improvement program through the year 1995.

In 2002, the City retained DRMP to develop GIS and hydraulic modeling systems of its potable water system.  The purpose of assignment was to analyze the existing system infrastructure and operational practices of the City’s Water Department and recommend improvements to operate the system more efficiently. 

A report was prepared for the City of Maitland to provide an updated analysis and evaluation of the potable water system and to develop a GIS database and hydraulic model for use by the City.  In the past, data input to GIS and hydraulic modeling software were independent tasks; hydraulic modeling software simply could not read and incorporate data that was contained in a GIS environment.  For purposes of this study, the City chose a recently developed software package that can integrate the modeling and GIS environments.  Data contained within the GIS system can be “shared” with the hydraulic model and vice versa. 

Following initial development of the hydraulic model and GIS system, the City was trained in the use of these systems and can expand and utilize them as necessary. 


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GASB 34 Policy Streets Asset Inventory
City of Mount Dora

DRMP provided professional planning and GIS services to the City in providing an inventory system for tracking municipal assets related to the streets network within the City limits.  To develop this tracking system, DRMP staff reviewed all available existing documentation regarding the City’s roadway network, conducted a city-wide field review of all streets, assembled a database containing the roadway inventory characteristics, linked it to the City’s existing GIS systems (developed by DRMP), and provided asset valuation statistics.

The field inventory included the following roadway assets and characteristics:

  • Paved public roads (approximately 56 miles)
  • Existing condition
  • Presence and type of curbing
  • Geographic limits of roads
  • Sidewalks
  • Existing condition
  • Construction material
  • Geographic limits
  • Roadway signage
  • Type of sign
  • Location
  • Existing condition
  • Traffic signals
  • Number of signal heads
  • Number of strain poles or mast arms
  • Pedestrian signals


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Center Ridge Watershed Management Plan
Southwest Florida Water Management District

DRMP contracted with the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) and Citrus County to develop a Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan for the Center Ridge Watershed. The goal of the project was to address current issues regarding flood protection, water quality, water supply, and natural systems. 

DRMP conducted data collection regarding existing ERP permits, geotechnical data, existing stormwater systems, & flooding history for the watershed as well as conducted a field review and drainage structure inventory intended to update the District’s databases.  The project consisted of the development of a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Database that included a LiDAR-based Digital Terrain Model (DTM), ArcHydro File-Based Geodatabase, watershed sub-basins, hydrologic network, Global Positioning System (GPS) point locations  of structures, and digital photos.   This data was then used for watershed modeling, floodplain analysis and delineation, surface water resource assessment (quantity and quality), and Best Management Plan (BMP) Alternative Analysis. The use of GIS and digital spatial data  for this project allowed for greater accuracy in modeling and floodplain analysis and allowed DRMP  to provide project deliverables to the client in a more efficient and useful manner.


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canal inventory orange county  

Major Secondary Canals GIS Inventory for Apopka and West Orange Districts
Orange County

DRMP’s surveyors provided a mapping inventory of selected canals within the Apopka and Zellwood Drainage Districts for the purpose of facility maintenance.  This was a “pilot project” for Orange County that entailed GPS mapping of a selected length of canal providing easement width, apparent maintenance limits, top-of-bank, toe-of-slope, culvert/pipe length, type, and size, and digital images geo-referenced in the resulting database, conventional cross-sections (elevation data), and records research.  The initial effort involved over 40 canals, 450 linked images, associated CADD drawings, easement and record document research and analysis, 130+ cross-sections, and the GPS mapping of topographic features.


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canal inventory orange county   canal inventory orange county   canal inventory orange county   canal inventory orange county  

Florida Army National Guard Readiness Center  

Florida Army National Guard Readiness Center GIS Inventory
Department of Military Affairs

The Department of Military Affairs required DRMP to provide surveying services on a continuing basis to perform boundary survey, property survey, topographic survey, wetland survey, tree survey, utility survey, as-built plans, geotechnical survey and legal descriptions for several Florida National Guard sites throughout Florida.  The project tasks for this effort included establishing the project sites on UTM 17N projection, WGS84 Datum utilizing Global Positioning System GPS and compiled the boundary, easements/lease agreements, and topographic data including subsurface utilities into a geo-referenced GIS database inventory utilizing Spatial Data Standards for Facilities Infrastructure, and Environment (SDSFIE) standards.

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Florida Army National Guard Readiness Center   Florida Army National Guard Readiness Center   Florida Army National Guard Readiness Center      

Pasco Parcel Mapping  

GIS Parcel Mapping “Pilot Project”
Pasco County

DRMP was involved with a “Pilot Project” for the County to provide GIS mapping assist the County in developing a master AutoCAD drawing and GIS file geodatabase relating to cadastral data in four Public Land Survey System (PLSS) sections for the purpose of updating the current County GIS to be more spatially accurate.  Section work and subdivision plats were provided by the County in AutoCAD format, and record deeds for unplatted parcels were provided as PDFs. Parcels were mapped per deed and placed to fit the existing PLSS and plat data in the master AutoCAD file. The CAD file was used to create an ARCSDE compliant File Geodatabase with plat and parcel data attributes. The attribute data was added back into the CAD file at the end of the project as intelligent linework with linked object data.

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Pasco Parcel Mapping   Pasco Parcel Mapping          





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