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Community House Road Phase I
City of Charlotte, North Carolina

DRMP provided planning, design, and construction phase services for this $8.2 million roadway improvement project. The purpose of this project is to improve safety and connectivity while reducing congestion on Community House Road from Bryant Farms Road to Ardrey Kell Road. The design includes a multi-lane roundabout at the Bryant Farms Road and Community House Road intersection, raised medians, bicycle lanes, sidewalks, street lighting, storm water systems and traffic signal upgrades.


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SR 45 (US 41/Tamiami Trail) at Piney Point Road
FDOT District One

DRMP provided highway design for the reconstruction of the existing US 41, 4-lane rural roadway at the intersections of Piney Point Road and Dock Street to rigid concrete pavement, which has a longer life expectancy and lower maintenance costs. The concrete pavement extends north of the Piney Point Intersection to the end of the auxiliary lanes and transitions to correct the super elevation of the curve. Project also includes adding acceleration lane/tapers in the north and southbound directions from the intersection and keyholes added at all right turn lane locations on US 41. This project was selected to be a “Pilot Project” to use AutoCAD Civil 3D for the design. Coordination with an adjacent in-house project was required for proper construction limits and MOT phasing as this is a “Goes With” project. Design services included: roadway, pavement, drainage, permitting, signing and pavement marking, lighting, miscellaneous structures, MOT, and public involvement.


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SR 95 Widening  

SR 95 Widening
FDOT District Three

This project is a complex urban multi-lane design on a State and Federal roadway listed on the Florida Intrastate Highway System and the Strategic Intermodal System. DRMP is providing services for the design of SR 95 from four to six-lanes from Interstate 10 to ½ mile north of SR 10 (US 90A , Nine Mile Road). This project includes the replacement of the overpass bridges at the unique non-limited access interchange at Nine Mile Road, as well as the design of several storm water treatment ponds, bus bays, sidewalks, and improvements at major intersections.


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SR 811 Resurfacing
FDOT District Four

DRMP provided highway design services for this Resurfacing, Restoration and Rehabilitation (RRR) project for SR 811 from SR-814/Atlantic Boulevard to Copans Road in Broward County, Fla. The roadway is a 4-lane, urban divided minor arterial with a raised median, bike lanes and sidewalks on the westside. This project included pavement design, ADA updates, drainage, signing and pavement markings, signalization, utility coordination, surveying and subsurface utility engineering services. Extensive coordination with the City of Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency occurred to include their long-term vision plan for this corridor.


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Hanley Road Safety Project
Hillsborough County, Florida

DRMP provided engineering and planning for this high priority safety project to improve overall safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists on Hanley Road, from Hillsborough Avenue to Waters Avenue approximately 2 miles in length. This corridor was classified as an Urban Collector.  The existing features along this corridor included sidewalks, 19 transit bus stops, 3 schools, the Town and Country Greenway multi-use trail and two midblock pedestrian crossings. Adjacent developments were a mix of residential communities, business/commercial centers and schools, all of which generated significant pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  This amount of traffic had contributed to numerous crashes along this section.  Study elements of the project included a Midblock Pedestrian Crossing Study to determine if any new midblock crossings were needed and a Speed Study to determine the average traffic speed along this corridor.

The design included raised medians, concrete traffic separators at intersections from Hillsborough Avenue to Fountain Avenue, implemented Shared Lane Markings (Sharrows) along outside lanes on both sides of the road and crosswalk upgrades at intersections to meet ADA/FDOT design standards throughout the project limits. DRMP was instrumental in assisting Hillsborough County implement sharrows for the first time which were designed instead of 4-foot bike lanes because of right-of-way and budgetary constraints. The sharrows were used to assist bicyclists on a roadway open to bicycle traffic where no wide curb lane, bicycle lanes or paved shoulders existed. In order to implement the sharrows, the posted speed limit was reduced from 40 mph to 35 mph.

Project Awards

APWA Florida West Coast Branch “Project of the Year” Award – Transportation Category

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Leamington-Fresh Market
Town of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

DRMP provided engineering design for this road improvement project along US 278 Bus. (William Hilton Parkway), a 4-lane divided roadway and the island’s key arterial. Minimizing wetland impacts and mitigation was key for this project. The project included the closing of two median openings, the addition and a median opening including a new signal, a new connector roadway and extension of the Town’s multi-use pathway. DRMP tasks included project management, roadway design, drainage design, traffic engineering, utility coordination, public involvement and permitting.


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