Park Road/Johnston Road ITS Traffic Signal System
City of Charlotte, North Carolina

DRMP is providing professional engineering services for the design of upgrades and expansion of a fiber optic traffic signal system (ITS).  The project extends along Park/Johnston Road from Community House Road to Charlottetowne Avenue (Pineville-Matthews Road) for a distance of nearly 11 miles including 30 signalized intersections.  The proposed improvements include provisions for a 96 pair communication fiber and 15 CCTV cameras.  DRMP’s scope of services includes developing fiber optic design plans, splice details, special provisions and engineer’s estimate of probable construction cost (preliminary and final), CCTV camera design, railroad permits (where applicable), utility make-ready plans, preparing construction documents for the implementation of the traffic signal system projects, coordinating utility make-ready work, reviewing contractor submittals and assisting with construction administration/inspection during construction.

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Orlando Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) Installation
City of Orlando, Florida

DRMP provided Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) design and permitted with FDOT for the installation of five Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) along several roadways in downtown Orlando including I-4.  DRMP designed fiber optic communications to extend the City of Orlando’s Regional Computerized Signal System to sign locations to provide communications.  Electrical services were also designed in accordance with NEC and local guidelines and coordinated with the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC).  Specially designed mast arm structures were designed for the installation of the signs. 

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North Florida TPO ITS
FDOT District Two

DRMP is working with the North Florida TPO and associated agencies that comprise the TPO Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) group to address the regional ITS Master Plan initiatives to improve traffic flow.  The work includes Intelligent Transportation Systems, Advanced Traffic Management Systems, public transit technology and public safety initiatives.  DRMP has designed several projects to install Fiber Optic Signal Communication Systems, CCTVs and arterial Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) for the improvement of mobility along congested arterial roadways. In addition, DRMP’s ITS engineers are working with the Florida Highway Patrol and the North Florida TPO to install Roadway Weather Information Systems at several key bridge crossings to assist in determining whether bridges should be shut down during severe storms.

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Mainline Turnpike Widening from Beulah Road to SR 50
Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise

DRMP was responsible for providing transportation engineering design for this limited access facility on Florida’s Turnpike.  The design involved the widening of 4.6 miles of Florida’s Mainline Turnpike from the existing four lanes to eight lanes with a construction estimate of approximately $87 million.  The limits of the project were from Beulah Road to SR 50 within the Central Florida community area.  This project was required to increase capacity for both long distance travelers and local commuters.  This project included the reconstruction of the SR 50 interchange, which was converted from a partial diamond with a loop ramp to a full diamond interchange and also included two new ramp toll plazas.  It also included the addition of one lane in each direction for one mile of SR 50.

This project included the phased removal and reconstruction of the twin mainline bridges over Avalon Road, the removal and replacement of Winter Garden Vineland Road over the Turnpike and the inside and outside widening of the twin mainline bridges over SR 50.  The widening at SR 50 was complicated by existing MSE retaining wall at the end bents which required partial removal and reconstruction to resist additional earth loading imposed by the widening.  Two bridges north of SR 50 were modified with tie back walls to accommodate a proposed northbound on-ramp.  Also, included were over three miles of precast and cast-in-place sound walls.

DRMP provided ITS design for a 5-mile section of the Turnpike’s ITS system including Radar Vehicle Detection Sites, Travel Time System, CCTV sites, and DMS sites. Significant analysis was performed on the installation of the Radar Detectors around sound walls to determine if the sound walls would interfere with the operation of the radar devices. Drainage engineering for the project included the design of 14 stormwater ponds that included wet detention ponds, dry retention swales with underdrains and a cascading dry retention pond system within a landlocked basin. The stormwater management design accommodated maintaining flows from large offsite areas without the costs of separate conveyance systems or increased volume in the treatment ponds while meeting stormwater criteria for standard Environmental Resource Permitting (ERP) from St Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD). DRMP’s drainage engineers were able to minimize the purchase of right-of-way by using treatment swales and minimal offsite ponds while dealing with the challenges of providing stormwater treatment for portions of the  roadway built in a cut section (below adjacent properties). 

2012 “Best in Construction - Interstate Category”, from Florida Transportation Builders’ Association (FTBA)

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Traffic Control Room
Central Florida Expressway Authority
Formerly Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority

DRMP provided Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) design for the communication and architectural plans for the OOCEA’s ITS Traffic Control Room in Orange County, Fla.  The ITS Traffic Control Room project consisted of the installation of an eight monitor video wall and video conferencing, which required the modification of the existing lighting, HVAC, electrical and network.  DRMP ITS Engineers faced several project challenges including equipment research for OOCEA approval and the technical specifications package, room size constraints to fit required equipment and furniture, coordination with IT personal to ensure the required ports assignments and security protocols were followed for sending/receiving outside data and the implementation of a Universal touch screen remote to quickly manage all equipment and video wall functions.

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