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At DRMP, we believe it is our responsibility to stay educated of emerging trends that continually impact our industry.  Our technical staff actively participates in professional associations that deal with governmental and regulatory issues, attends seminars and conferences and partakes in technical training courses and research.  Through those resources, our qualified professionals continue to expand their knowledge base and evolve their innovative project tactics to ensure current issues like a rapidly changing global market, political sensitivities, environmental issues and more recently, national security are taken into account when fulfilling our clients’ requirements. 

Professional Registration
DRMP strongly encourages the attainment of professional registration/certification of our employees.  To further that objective, the firm pays for the initial or annual registration of a qualified professional employee for technical areas relating to our firm’s service areas.  In addition, where approved, DRMP will pay for initial or renewal of registrations for states included in the firm’s business plan.

Required Continuing Education
Education classes which are required in order to maintain professional certification will be reimbursed by DRMP.  

Project Manager Program
This program has been conducted as a means to provide basic tools to individuals that are in project management or want to become project managers.  The main objective is to teach basic project manager techniques that have been standardized to meet DRMP’s needs in terms of accounting procedures, records management, monthly project reporting, marketing and business development, and project management.  Basic knowledge of these functions is essential to become a successful DRMP Project Manager.

Professional/Civic Organizations Involvement and Community Outreach
DRMP is committed to helping the communities in which we serve.  As a corporate partner, DRMP is a member of several professional societies and civic organizations.  In addition, we are also involved with the charitable organizations that support the communities in which we live and work.  As a corporation, DRMP encourages our employees to get involved with professional/civic organizations that will assist in their professional development and enhance their career.  We also encourage participation in community causes that are important to them and their families.

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