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Woodland Park Redevelopment: A Great Place to Call Home

October 2nd, 2018 by David Sowell

There are certain projects that you know your work has made an impact and you leave the job impacted personally. The Woodland Park Redevelopment in Gainesville, Fla. is one of those projects. Built nearly 50 years ago, the public housing complex was without central air conditioning or heat and was in dire need of modernization and basic amenities for its residents.

DRMP was brought on by the Gainesville Housing Authority and the Pinnacle Housing Group through a US Department Housing and Urban Development partnership to provide engineering design services. I served as Project Manager for Phase 1 of the 302-unit affordable housing complex. Along with our site development, parking and stormwater design services, minimizing the relocation of residents and preservation of existing roadways and utilities were crucial to the success of the project. My team came up with a detailed demolition and construction phasing plan that greatly reduced the need for residents to relocate to be less than 10 percent.

The job was much more than getting the numbers where they needed to be. We knew these residents’ livelihoods and way of life could possibly be affected. My colleagues and I put a lot of thought into what roadway closures would mean for residents whose primary way of getting from point A to B is public transportation and utility disruption would be more than inconvenience.

We were able to save the housing authority time and money on construction, but more importantly knowing I can drive by this project knowing DRMP had a hand in providing these residents better quality lives and a great place to call home is what really made this project a success.

David Sowell, PE is an Office Leader for the General Civil Engineering Division in Gainesville, FL.


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