SR 528 (Innovation Way) Interchange

The SR 528/Innovation Way Interchange was a $62.5 million design-build project located in east Orange County, Florida. The objective of the interchange was to improve connectivity to SR 528 and to accommodate the development of the Innovation Way Corridor.

The five bridge sites included two ramp structures over All Aboard Florida (AAF) Railroad, two structures carried Innovation Way over AAF Railroad and SR 528, and one widened at SR 528 over Innovation Way. The two ramp bridges consisted of Florida-I Beams supported by post-tensioned, inverted-tee piers and are founded on prestressed concrete piles. In addition, the piers supporting the ramps are oriented at an approximate 60 degree skew angle and implement aesthetic column shapes. The Innovation Way bridges also used Florida-I Beams founded on prestressed concrete piles. The bridge widening at SR 528 implemented AASHTO Type II Beams supported by standard piers and was founded on drilled shafts.

The SR 528/Innovation Way Interchange improved infrastructure in the area with connectivity to SR 528 and the Innovation Way Corridor. This Interchange was designed using leading-edge technologies and methodology in order to provide an advanced safe design and maximum structure life.


2019 Design-Build Institute of America’s Florida Region Design-Build Award- Transportation Structures Category

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Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX)


5 Bridge Designs and New Interchange Alignment

  • Bridge over All Aboard Florida (AAF) railroad
  • Aesthetic structure
  • Interchange
  • Florida I-Beam (FIB)
  • Bridge load ratings
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