SR 9B Extension from I-95 to US 1

The SR 9B Extension from I-95 to US 1 was a $95 million design-build project located in Duval County, Florida.  The corridor is divided into three phases, the second being the I-95 to US 1 portion. This limited access roadway extension aims to reduce traffic congestion by enhancing connectivity between Duval and St. Johns Counties. The project calls for overpass and interchange designs, utility work and maintenance of traffic.

DRMP provided structural engineering services for the design of two twin bridge sites, SR 9B over Veveras Drive and SR 9B over FEC Railroad and US 1. SR 9B over Veveras Drive is a single-span structure and consists of Florida-I 54 Beams supported by end bents founded on spread footings. Spread footings used in lieu of driven pile served to accelerate the project schedule and reduce construction costs.

SR 9B over FEC Railroad and US 1 is a two-span structure and consists of Florida-I 78 Beams (FIB 78) supported by end bents and a standard pier founded on 24-inch square prestressed concrete piles. This FIB 78 superstructure alternative was a major cost and time savings over the conventional steel girders first proposed for this site.

DRMP also provided lighting and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) design.  The ITS design involved the replacement of the existing Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Optic Communications network and supporting devices (CCTV, VDS & DMS) along I-95. In addition, the replacement of the existing county fiber network cable and drops for signalization interconnect were replaced within the project limits along US 1.

The SR 9B Extension from I-95 to US 1 improved traffic efficiency and the connectivity between Duval and St Johns Counties. Innovative engineering and design methods were used in this design-build project to reduce maintenance costs while improving longevity and safety.  Both bridge sites accommodate a future median widening which includes additional piles driven in the median at SR 9B over FEC Railroad and US 1 end bents.

  • 2016 “Merit Award in Transportation” from Design-Build Institute of America - Florida Region for the SR 9B (I-95 to US 1) Design-Build project for providing structural and traffic engineering services

Key Facts




FDOT District Two



  • New overpass over railroad and US 1
  • New overpass at Veveras Drive
  • New alignment roadway at  US 1 and I-95
  • Florida I-Beam (FIB)
  • Noise walls
  • Bridge load ratings
  • ITS network replacement
  • Highway lighting
  • Utility coordination along US 1
Services Provided:


Structural Engineering

Surveying & Mapping