Fort Benning Maneuver Battle Lab

As a design-build team member, DRMP designed new stormwater infrastructure, utilities, site plans, parking areas and loading areas for a 89,000-SF single-story facility that had to meet several agency requirements. Specifically, Fort Benning’s base standards did not allow open ponds with more than 8-inches of standing water for more than 24-hours.

Considering these requirements, DRMP prepared a stormwater design using underground vaults with smart boxes and an under-drain system for treatment due to groundwater elevation. In addition, requirements for the State of Georgia, US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) were met.  This project also achieved LEED standards for stormwater design as well as ride sharing parking spaces.  

As a result, the Fort Benning base community has updated stormwater infrastructure, utilities and site plans meeting all Unified Facilities Criteria standards.


Key Facts




United States Army Corp of Engineers



  • Site design
  • Stormwater management with undeground vaults and smart boxes
  • Under-drain system for treatment
  • LEED Gold Certification
  • Design meets State of Georgia and US Army Corps of Engineers standards and requirements
  • Coordination with multiple agencies
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Land Development

Surveying & Mapping

Water Resources/Stormwater Management Management