Patrick Air Force Base Water Lines Repair

Located on a barrier island between the Atlantic Ocean and the Banana River, DRMP was tasked with providing flood risk management design services for the replacement of more than 2,500-LF of water main at Patrick Air Force Base.

DRMP’s comprehensive design replaced the hazardous material (asbestos) pipe network located within 200-feet of the Atlantic Ocean and took into account its sensitive ecosystem, coastal weather phenomena, flood impacts, endangered/protected species in the area and existing stormwater and environmental permits with the Florida Department of Environment Protection and the Florida Department of Transportation.  This project replaced the 12-inch asbestos concrete piping with C-900 piping. All associated valves, appurtenances and 14 fire hydrants were replaced to provide for the main north-south water distribution line along the east side of the base. The design also relocated the majority of the waterline from the east side of Highway A1A to reduce potential hurricane vulnerability.

The hazardous asbestos pipe was replaced, and the design modernized the Patrick Air Force Base’s waterline system.


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United States Air Force

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  • 2,500-LF water main replacement
  • Located in sensitive ecosystem between the Atlantic Ocean and Banana River
  • Environmental permitting
  • Multiple agency coordination
  • Reduced hurricane vulnerability
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