SR 528 (Beachline) Widening from Florida’s Turnpike to McCoy Road

The SR 528 (Beachline) Widening from Florida’s Turnpike to McCoy Road is located in Orange County, Florida. This section of SR 528 is the eastern half of the 8-mile SR 528 corridor located in Central Florida connecting Interstate 4 to McCoy Road near the Orlando International Airport. The highly traveled SR 528 was becoming increasingly congested and unable to meet the demands of the growing infrastructure of the surrounding areas as well as the anticipated traffic resulting from the I-4 expansion. Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise knew it was time for a major update, including implementation of express lanes, to meet the demands of the developing area.

The design involved the widening of 4-miles of SR 528 into the median from 6-lanes to 8-lanes by adding one express lane in each direction separated by a 2-foot buffer with delineators.  Structural design included the inside widening of the twin mainline bridges over Landstreet Road. The bridges are three span structures with a maximum span length equal to 97-feet and an overall bridge length equal to 218-feet. The bridges were widened using Florida-I 36 Beams. The end bents and piers were supported with 20-inch diameter pipe piles. Other structural design elements included MSE wall, temporary sheet pile wall, a steel elliptical railing retrofit at the adjacent ramp over Landstreet Road bridge and light pole pedestal retrofits to accommodate new lighting requirements at existing bridge and wall locations along the project. A modified headwall design was required for an existing box culvert to accommodate the widened SR 528 without extending the box culvert. Overhead sign structure and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) pole designs were also included. In addition, one sign structure was designed to support an AVI system as part of the express lane addition. FAA coordination was also key to the project.

This project will provide both long-distance travelers and daily commuters a more efficient way for to get to their destination. The relief in traffic congestion supports a higher traffic demand which provides Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise with increased revenue from the toll road. Overall, the upgrades provide the motorists a safer and faster way to commute along SR 528 between Florida’s Turnpike and McCoy Road.

Key Facts




Florida's Turnpike Enterprise (FTE)


4.2-miles, 218-foot bridge

  • Intelligent transportation system (ITS) poles
  • Limited access facility
  • Express lanes
  • Complex maintenance of traffic
  • Inside bridge widening
  • MSE walls
  • Temporary sheet pile walls
  • Bridge railing retrofit
  • Light pole pedestal retrofit
  • Box culvert modified headwall
  • Overhead sign structures
  • AVI system sign structures
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Structural Engineering

Subsurface Utility Engineering

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