Comprehensive Transit Study Puerto Rico GIS Analysis

DRMP's GIS team assisted transportation planners in the creation of a new public transit study to provide an enhanced transit system, socio-economic and transportation data, identify new transit routes and evaluate parking needs. 

Our team collected data and created reports and exhibit maps to thoroughly understand the existing conditions and considerations of the area. Possible transit routes were examined for efficiency and impact. Data from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the US Federal Highway Administration was consolidated into GIS data. The team also collected detailed US Census tables and American Community Survey 1-,3- and 5-year estimates for the following areas in the Coamo Municipio of Puerto Rico:

  • Housing types and density
  • Land Use
  • Population (Total and over 65 years of age)
  • Projected Population
  • Income (from work or government assistance)
  • Employment/Unemployment
  • Type of employment

Municpio Coamo and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico received a detailed study that incorporated the unique aspects of island life, existing population, and public transportation infrastructure. Based on the detailed data sets, DRMP and the team provided a final recommendation for four new transit lines for the Coamo area that served the working population, core activity centers, and cultural attractions.

Key Facts


Coamo Municipio, Puerto Rico


Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

Size: Medium Transit System

Varies by site

  • Transportation analysis
  • Demographic data
Services Provided:

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)