Florida Caverns State Park Lift Station Rehab

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) needed a firm to review the Florida Caverns State Park sewer system for damages and design repair plans.

DRMP’s engineers conducted a hydraulic modeling analysis of the sewer system to ensure that the existing force mains could be salvaged and that grinder pumps could be installed to allow for compliance with FDEP’s newest regulations and for ease of maintenance. Services also included the design for control panel equipment upgrades, new valves and valve boxes as well as floats.

DRMP provided solutions for the Florida Caverns State Park to remain in operation by upgrading the facility’s outdated 14 lift station sewer system to meet FDEP’s safety standards. 

Key Facts




Florida Department of Environmental Protection


14 Lift Stations

  • Environmental regulation adherence
  • Hydraulic modeling analysis
  • Sewer system upgrade
  • FDEP compliance
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