City of Fort Myers Wastewater Capacity Studies

The City of Fort Myers needed a firm to project the increase in wastewater flow that would result from its Development Plan to create more density near the Central Downtown Business District.

DRMP proposed a master plan to establish wastewater output limits for each block, based on the municipal plant’s capacity. DRMP engineers prepared cost estimates and determined the size of local sewer mains and lift stations needed to accommodate new affordable housing developments.

As a result of DRMP’s services, the City received quantitative data to begin the implementation of its Development Plan. The data will have a positive effect on the local economy by increasing the City’s tax base and bring more activity to local businesses.

Key Facts




City of Fort Myers


1.25-square miles

  • Increase in wastewater flow
  • Urban development
  • Master plan
  • Local sewer mains
  • Lift stations
Services Provided:

Utilities Engineering