Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) Strategic Commercial Land Development Program

The DRMP GIS team is working with GOAA GIS/IT staff to prioritize and rank airport properties by suitability for development.  Airport concept plans, studies, and master planning data have been consolidated into a a central platform for airport executives and commercial properties staff to market specific areas of the airport and provide specific details about a site.

DRMP staff is consolidating a variety of datasets as well as utilizing existing GOAA eALP (Electronic Airport Layout Plan) data to prioritize GOAA properties. For example, parcels will be ranked as least suitable to most suitable for development depending on the percentage of flood zone located at each property site.

GIS data layers were ranked, weighted and normalized to create a final model result detailing development potential across all GOAA properties. The final model results and related GOAA GIS data will be served securely through a proxy server to the public through ArcGIS Online and for internal airport use with Portal for ArcGIS. User permissions and access to the secure site will be determined by GOAA GIS staff.

The final web application will be administered by GOAA GIS staff and accessible for GOAA leadership to view site information in a dynamic viewer that allows for user queries, measurements and reports to be generated. GOAA staff can view web maps that are accessible across all major application development platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) and all types of devices (desktop computers, tablets and smartphones). As GIS software versions are updated, the software and hardware maintenance is handled on the ESRI site and relieves the application maintenance that a custom application would require from GOAA IT GIS staff.



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