Real Estate Site Suitability and Development Analysis

DRMP was hired to assist developers, real estate advisors, and private retail clients, with demographic, socio-economic, transportation and cadastral data for site selection and suitability studies in Florida. 

DRMP’s GIS professionals incorporated data to the parcel level to identify incentives and restrictions to new development or retail sectors. The team assisted in large scale master planning efforts to specific site selections by working with local, county and state agencies to gather metrics that indicate development trends in the region. Some examples of the data used as variables in the model include publicly accessible datasets for:

  • Current/future land use
  • Special area plans/ TIFs
  • Parcel valuation trends
  • Business licenses
  • Building permits
  • County and city zoning
  • School data

DRMP created groups for specific clients to access web applications, filter data and download reports and maps detailing suitability model results. Each DRMP client requires a different focus depending on their area (i.e. residential subdivisions or commercial offices) so each suitability model was created specifically for each client with custom data sets.

DRMP supplemented each deliverable with use of online maps and data to provide a detailed overview of business potential giving clients the information needed to select suitable development sites.

Key Facts






Varies by potential site

  • Data management
  • Web design
  • Analytics
  • Real estate advisory
  • Site suitability







Services Provided:

Geographic Information Systems