A-1 Gator Wastewater Capacity Increase

A-1 Gator Septic needed a firm to increase the capacity of their wastewater facility without surcharging the local municipal sewer system.

DRMP conducted a hydraulic modeling analysis of the local system to predict the maximum increase in capacity permissible. DRMP led municipal coordination efforts to examine new effluent treatment options. Services also included a cost analysis to evaluate whether to modify the existing structure of the sewer system or construct a new facility at a different site.

Through DRMP’s solutions, the facility’s capacity will increase by 3 MG per year. An action plan was also established to accommodate the needs of a growing population.

Key Facts




A-1 Gator Septic


7 MG per year

  • Hydraulic modeling analysis
  • Effluent treatment
Services Provided:

Ecological Services

Utilities Engineering