Signalization Consultant Continuing Services

Escambia County sought consulting services from a traffic engineering team for a Signalization Continuing Services contract. The County wanted to update traffic signals for a more efficient flow of vehicles. 

DRMP provided professional engineering services for enhanced traffic operations, traffic engineering, transportation planning, as well as related duties, functions, and services in support of traffic signalization, retimings and overall traffic operations throughout Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties.  Agency coordination is a large part of this contract including the counties, various cities within those counties and specifically the City of Pensacola’s Advanced Traffic Management System contract to ensure ongoing efforts stay on schedule. 

Our team provided Escambia County with reduced driver frustration and an increased traffic flow efficiency. DRMP performed extensive studies and presented any observed information to the Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) for more informed transportation planning decisions.

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Escambia County



  • Signal Retiming
  • Field Visits
  • Qualitative Assessments
Services Provided: