SR 35 (N. Florida Avenue) at Oak Street

The Florida Department of Transportation District One was having an issue with motorists turning illegally from westbound Oak Street onto southbound SR 35. The issue was starting to pose a concern for the safety of commuters. District One sought a firm to provide professional engineering services to find and implement a solution to the issue.

DRMP was serving on a continuing contract and became responsible for installing a separator for the southbound left on SR 35 at Oak Street between the left-turn lane and the northbound through lane as well as a separator between the southbound left and the southbound through lane to prevent the illegal turning.

Now that the repetitive illegal turning cannot be done, the overall driver safety in the area has improved.

Key Facts




FDOT District One


One Intersection

  • Median Modifications
  • Separators
  • Safety Improvements
  • Illegal Turning
  • Signing and Marking
Services Provided: