Valencia College West Campus Circulation Master Plan

DRMP provided engineering and planning services to develop a vehicular and pedestrian circulation master plan around the campus loop road and existing parking lots at Valencia Colleges' West Campus.  The results of the study were then used to provide recommendations of potential improvements to help alleviate congestion during the changing of classes, to promote the use of public transit and to provide a safe and efficient pedestrian network within the campus. 

DRMP first collected traffic and pedestrian movement counts at a dozen intersections leading into the campus and along the loop road at each parking lot.  Using this information, we were able to create a traffic simulation model that simulated existing conditions, which illustrated and confirmed the congestion that is experienced on the campus during changing of classes.  Then DRMP reviewed multiple options to provide traffic calming, traffic signals and roadway improvements to help alleviate the congestion while providing safe pedestrian access.  A traffic simulation model was then created to show how implementing these elements would greatly reduce congestion.  The major improvements proposed were new traffic signals along the loop at the intersection with Resource Avenue and Metrocenter Boulevard.  Additional recommendations were made to close certain parking lot access points to help direct traffic to the signal controlled intersections and deter drivers from cutting through the parking lot in order to bypass the loop road.

From this planning exercise, DRMP provided multiple plans showing short and long-term solutions.  DRMP then prepared an estimated opinion of probable costs for the phased solutions which enabled the college to understand cost impacts, prioritize the improvements and seek funding.  In addition to the vehicular circulation, we also reviewed pedestrian circulation, of which one notable concern was the lack of ADA access from the public right-of-way to the on-site campus pedestrian circulation network.  We reviewed the various points of entrance onto the site and identified an ADA path that would require the least amount of infrastructure to complete.  This sidewalk path was then accelerated into design and construction under a separate contract.


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