Sawgrass Expressway Mainline DMS Replacement Analysis

DRMP provided structural engineering services for miscellaneous structures on an as needed basis for the Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise.  An assigned task required the analysis of six existing overhead tri-chord span sign structures for structural adequacy to support replacement of Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) and associated walkway adjustments on the Sawgrass Expressway Mainline. 

Using survey data, photos, and both existing plans and shop drawings, DRMP’s structural engineers reviewed the information to best determine existing sign structure parameters. An in-depth analysis of each sign structure was conducted using FDOT’s Span v6.0 program with edits to match existing conditions.  A variation was prepared for five sign structures which are structurally adequate under Appendix C loading. 

Key Facts




Florida's Turnpike Enterprise (FTE)


Six sign structures

  • Analysis of six existing overhead tri-chord span sign structures on Sawgrass Expressway
  • FDOT’s Span V6.0 Program
  • Design variation
Services Provided:

Structural Engineering