SR 528 (Beachline) Widening from I-4 to Florida’s Turnpike

The SR 528 (Beachline) Widening from Interstate-4 to Florida’s Turnpike was a $92.5 million project in Orange County, Florida. The roadway has an estimated 80,000 daily users and the number is growing, which requires capacity improvements to ensure traffic flow efficiency. This highly visible 4.3-mile section of limited access roadway carries motorists from I-4 to International Drive, the Orange County Convention Center and ultimately to Orlando International Airport and Cocoa Beach, Florida. The goal of this important project was to provide increased capacity while allowing motorists the option of using express lanes to bypass traffic and decrease travel time. 

DRMP’s miscellaneous highway structures design included cantilever and span structures, bridge mounted sign structures, mast arms, box culvert extension, noise walls and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) structures. 

This project will provide the roadway with much needed capacity improvements from the two new travel lanes in each direction. Motorists will have the opportunity to choose to ride in express lanes or the general toll lanes. The express lanes will not only relieve congestion, but also generate additional revenue for future improvements of Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise. All structures are designed for minimal upkeep and to meet the traffic demands of the busy road.  The Williamsburg community will also benefit from approximately 1.5-miles of noise walls serving as a buffer between the limited access facility and their homes. Overall, this project will improve accessibility between Orlando’s tourist corridor and the Orlando International Airport.

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Florida's Turnpike Enterprise



  • Cantilever and span structures
  • Mast arms
  • Box culvert extension
  • Noise walls
  • Intelligent transportation system (ITS) structures
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