SR 417 and SR 528 Overhead Sign Structures Analysis

DRMP was hired to determine structural adequacy of existing overhead sign structures located on SR 417 and SR 528 owned by Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) with the addition of Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) travel time antennas. 

DRMP structural engineers analyzed six FTE-owned overhead sign structures to determine structural adequacy with the addition of CFX-owned travel time antennas.  With the expertise and extensive knowledge of Span v6.0 and Cantilever v6.0, DRMP was able to match the existing sign structure variables as exactly as possible for the most accurate analysis.  In addition, when variables calculated with the addition of the antennas differed from existing data, hand calculations were used to demonstrate structural adequacy using the existing variables.

It was determined that one sign structure would be designed in the future, so the design and location parameters for the antennas have been provided for the design.  The remaining two cantilever and three span sign structures were analyzed and found to be structurally adequate. 

Key Facts




Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX)


Six sign structures

  • Overhead sign structures
  • Structural adequacy analysis
  • Knowledge of Span v6.0 and Cantilever v6.0
Services Provided:

Structural Engineering