Gulf Beach Highway Sidewalk Improvements

Escambia County, Florida sought professional engineering services for the Gulf Beach Highway Sidewalk Improvements project. The county wanted to add sidewalks to Gulf Beach Highway to improve the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

DRMP was responsible for the design of 5-miles of sidewalk along both sides of Gulf Beach Highway from Blue Angel Parkway to Perdido Key Drive.  Major work for this project included coordination with County staff to minimize right-of-way acquisition while maintaining a cost-effective pedestrian walkway.  Three segments were identified to be constructed in phases to get the project built.  DRMP offered an alternative bid for asphalt path to minimize cost to the County.

By dividing the project into three phases, DRMP made the design minimally restricting to motorists and improved construction efficiency. DRMP had an in-depth idea of what the County wanted in the design due to close coordination throughout the project. Sidewalk additions give pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists a safer way to reach their destinations.

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Escambia County



  • Sidewalk additions
  • Client coordination
  • Safety improvements
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