Lealman Sidewalk Improvements

As a follow-up to the Lealman Preliminary Engineering Report completed by DRMP, we provided design services for Lealman Sidewalk Improvements in Pinellas County, Florida. The purpose of this project was to design ADA compliant sidewalks to improve pedestrian safety and accessibility for seven sidewalk segments throughout the Lealman Community near St. Petersburg, Florida. 

DRMP provided sidewalk designs and permitting for the following seven segments:

  • 40th Avenue N: from 42nd Street N to 40th Street N
  • 42nd Avenue N: from 46th Street N to 45th Street N
  • 44th Street N: from 42nd Avenue N to 46th Avenue N
  • 56th Avenue N: from 43rd Street N to 42nd Street N
  • 42nd Street N: from 55th Avenue N to 58th Avenue N
  • 38th Street N: from 40th Avenue N to 46th Avenue N
  • 25th Street N: from 62nd Avenue N to North of 68th Avenue N

The tasks included in this project were to design ADA compliant sidewalks, curb cut ramps, roadway shoulders, driveways, drainage improvements, detailed maintenance of traffic plans and detailed cost estimates for the above roadway segments.  The design team evaluated the potential utility conflicts and impacts from the design. DRMP also led public meetings to communicate with the community. 

DRMP has been a leader in helping to improve the quality of life for the Lealman Community.  The sidewalk projects and many other County projects are a direct result of the Lealman Master Plan developed by DRMP.    


2018 APWA West Coast Branch Transportation Project of the Year


Key Facts




Pinellas County



  • Sidewalk/ADA design

  • Drainage design

  • Permitting

  • Public involvement

Services Provided:

Subsurface Utility Engineering

Surveying & Mapping


Utilities Engineering

Water Resources/Stormwater Management