SR 580, Hillsborough Avenue Streetscape (LAP)

Hillsborough County, Florida awarded DRMP this FDOT LAP federally funded streetscape project. The $1.2 million project involved improvements along Hillsborough Avenue (SR 580) from Town and Country Boulevard to Ambassador Drive. The goal was to improve the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists while creating an aesthetically pleasing environment as outlined in the Town and Country Master Plan. 

DRMP provided survey and design services for this bikeway/pedestrian facility project. The project mainly focused on ADA/safety, multimodal and beautification improvements. Project elements included sidewalk and pedestrian feature upgrades, bus stop upgrades, bus shelters, ADA accessibility enhancements/additions, decorative brick sidewalks, curb cut ramps, pedestrian lighting, crosswalks, landscaping, irrigation and streetscape enhancements. Extensive LAP coordination with various FDOT disciplines was required. Utility coordination was also required to relocate/adjust utilities to design a widened 8-foot decorative sidewalk. This was a high-profile project that required considerable public involvement including two public meetings and door-to-door communication with local businesses. 

DRMP satisfied all client requests. A comprehensive community involvement program was developed in partnership with the County to take into consideration the public’s vision for the improvements. All FDOT cross-discipline coordination was handled in an organized and professional manner by DRMP’s project manager. 


Key Facts




Hillsborough County



  • ADA accessibility
  • Streetscape
  • FDOT LAP funded
  • Transit stop improvements
  • Lighting
Services Provided:

Surveying & Mapping


Utilities Engineering