Palm Coast Parkway Widening

DRMP was tasked with developing a stormwater management plan within the existing right-of-way that provided water quality enhancements and flood protection of the proposed facilities. The project included modifying existing permits and the design of a widened roadway with minimal longitudinal grades.

DRMP was responsible for this roadway widening project in an urban area. Responsibilities included stormwater management design and permitting services for 1.4-miles of roadway widening from a 4-lane suburban to a 6-lane urban.  The stormwater management design required a combination of new dry treatment swales, modification of existing wet detention systems and compensating treatment to eliminate the need for additional right-of-way. Project included redesign of a large outfall canal, to consist of a combination swale/culvert system.  The end result was additional roadway capacity for ease of traffic for Palm Coast residents.

Key Facts




City of Palm Coast



  • Stormwater management design
  • Permitting services
  • Stormwater management plan
  • Widening
  • Roadway capacity
Services Provided:


Structural Engineering

Surveying & Mapping


Utilities Engineering

Water Resources/Stormwater Management