SR 408 Widening (Contract 252B)

The Central Florida Expressway Authority sought professional engineering services including highway drainage for the widening of 4.5-miles of expressway from 6-lanes to 8-lanes including a new mainline toll plaza and interchange modifications.

DRMP is responsible for providing drainage design of stormwater ponds and permitting services for this project. A major challenge was designing and permitting the project without needing new right-of-way. The project required specific coordination with adjacent projects and systems to design an effective overall stormwater management system.  The project also included roadway, interchange, structures, drainage, permitting, lighting, utilities, signing and marking signalization, traffic control plans, toll plaza conversion plans to express lanes, sound walls and public involvement. 

DRMP’s design solutions provide the Central Florida Expressway Authority with a stormwater system that can quickly and effectively get rainfall of this limited access roadway’s surface. This will prevent water from standing and pooling on the roadway creating a safer commute for the roadway’s estimated 164,000 daily drivers.

Key Facts




Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX)



  • Complex urban freeway design
  • Drainage
  • Roadway widening
  • Stormwater management
Services Provided:

Structural Engineering

Surveying & Mapping


Utilities Engineering

Water Resources/Stormwater Management