Center Ridge Watershed Management Plan

DRMP contracted with the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) in cooperation with Citrus County to develop a comprehensive watershed management plan (WMP) for the Center Ridge watershed. The Center Ridge watershed is approximately 55-square miles in size located in central Citrus County.

This study has been completed using recent technological advancements that enhance the accuracy and utility of the work products. Model hydrology was developed using the green-ampt methodology that allowed for improved accuracy in estimating runoff generation over well-drained sandy soils.  Model hydraulics included a groundwater component in modeling percolation as an outfall that further improved accuracy resulting in floodplain elevations of ponded depressional areas.  Detailed data collection, including review of 80 geotechnical/drainage reports and over 340 project files, was utilized in developing the surface water model with special detail added for the groundwater components. All study input and results are meticulously organized in a GIS geodatabase using the most current version of the District-supported GWIS (version 1.6).

DRMP’s services will serve as the foundation for updating FEMA flood insurance rate maps, and provide tools for guiding decisions on floodplains and future development.

Key Facts




Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD)


55-square mile study area

  • Comprehensive stormwater database in GIS
  • ICPR model accounting
  • Floodplains
Services Provided:

Geographic Information Systems

Water Resources/Stormwater Management