West Melbourne Stormwater Needs Assessment

The City of West Melbourne experienced widespread flooding of roads and buildings as a result of Tropical Storm Fay.  DRMP provided a citywide surface water model that can be used to assess vulnerability of certain areas to flooding and improve flood protection.

This study covered 37-square-miles and included updates to stormwater infrastructure inventory in GIS, and development of watershed surface water model using Interconnected Channel and Pond Routing Model (ICPR).

Updates to GIS stormwater infrastructure inventory were conducted by review of ERP files, Water Control District databases, County and City project files.  Sub-basin development occurred using ArcHydro.  A surface water model was developed in ICPR vs. 3.10 for the entire canal and creek network throughout City limits and parts of Brevard County.  DRMP verified the model was performed using the largest recent flood from Tropical Storm Fay. The floodplain delineation was conducted for a 100-year storm event.  DRMP analyzed the flood problem areas and recommended flood protection projects with water quality improvements.  DRMP’s methodology and findings were presented to the City Council and documented in a GIS database and technical memorandum.

DRMP’s services provided the basis for better understanding of the City’s grid of ditches with interconnectivity to the St. Johns River, Crane Creek and the Melbourne-Tillman canal network.  The model and stormwater database can be used to develop projects to improve protection of structures and roads from flooding.

Key Facts




Brevard County in cooperation with the City of West Melbourne


37-square mile study area

  • Stormwater inventory in GIS
  • Comprehensive ICPR model

  • 100 year floodplains

  • Master stormwater planning with 11 flood control projects

Services Provided:

Geographic Information Systems

Water Resources/Stormwater Management