Multiple Watershed Studies for Marion County

DRMP assisted AECOM with tasks listed below for nine watersheds covering 204-square miles.  The work spanned over multiple authorizations in through a 5-year period.  Watersheds are known as Blichton, Martel, SR 200, Cotton Plant 1/2/3, Flemington, Hog Prairie and NW Ocala.

DRMP provided field data acquisition services by developing an efficient procedure for measuring vertical data tied to temporary benchmarks that were retrievable in LiDAR-based terrain. The DRMP team also provided Pollutant Load Modeling based on GIS-based models using most recent research and literature values for Event Mean Concentrations (EMC’s) and removal efficiencies of treatment systems. A Best Management Practice (BMP) alternatives analysis was also developed conceptual plans for water quality improvements.   The projects ranged from stormwater ponds with treatment types suited to the localities to preservation of natural landscape buffers around sinkholes. 

DRMP performed a floodplain level of service analysis with classification of all sub-basins throughout the study areas of flooding risk on roadways and evacuation routes.  Determinations were documented in a GIS database. DRMP provided tools for improving water quality of surface and groundwater and flood protection for the public.

Key Facts




Marion County in cooperation with Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD)


204-square mile study area

  • Field data acquisition
  • Pollutant load modeling in GIS
  • Best managment practice (BMP) alternatives analysis
  • Floodplain level of service determinations in GIS
Services Provided:

Geographic Information Systems

Surveying & Mapping

Water Resources/Stormwater Management